​ The Desert Sky Residence embraces both the sky and the earth, manifesting in a structure that is grounded to the site yet simultaneously hovers in space. Emerging from the site with walls of cast-in-place concrete and hand-carved stone, these masses act as a plinth for the main level which becomes lighter in materiality.

Up high, layers of concrete, glass, and metal weave between one another creating an intriguing interplay of materials. Large sliding glass openings choreograph the flow of air and light, allowing the home to become an extension of nature.

This unique home features an arching floor plan that wraps tightly around the mountain. The distinctive design allows for the home to capture panoramic views of our beautiful valley in all directions while imitating the unique topography of the site. Roof forms and terraces are carefully crafted and placed to shade and condition both interior and exterior spaces from the unrelenting desert heat and sun.

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Square Feet: 7,400
  • Services Provided: Architecture
  • Landscape Design: GBTwo Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Design: Holly Wright Studios
  • Lighting Design: Acoustic Designs Group