The Eagles Nest residence is strategically perched on the steeply sloping slope hillside topography to embrace the natural desert wash running along the northern elevation. The varied building masses conjure an organic manifestation of the home. Materials and textures of exposed timbers, stone and stucco walls, as well as the standing seam metal roofs reinforce the historic and uniquely southwest character.

The vernacular building forms evoke the ranch style architecture with their long, broad overhanging roofs and eaves that help to shade the house from the sun. Asymmetrical roof forms are supported by thick-walled construction using natural materials that could be found on site assembled in a simple straightforward style. Many of the rooms and the outdoor terraces provide panoramic views to the valley and surrounding mountains.

  • Location: Fountain Hills, Arizona
  • Square Feet: 6,300 Existing,
  • Services Provided: Architecture, Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Design: Pinnacle Design, Inc.