Nestled amongst a rich palette of colorful native vegetation, the Fairway Vista Residence slowly reveals itself as it emerges from its lush landscape. Several low masses defining the private zones contrast against the social zone which is sheltered by a dynamically-folded plane of textured metal whose hues shift based on how the sun strikes its surface. This color-changing metal is enhanced by rhythmic shadows cast by the standing seam panels recalling the ribs of a cactus, especially along the tapered edges of the roof where they come to a sharp angle.

Low walls in subtly layering waves of earth guide one to the front entry where a series of rammed earth walls establish a monumental exterior entry. Perforated metal patterns cast playful spots of light and shadow along these walls and screen the interior space from visitors. Once inside, the ridged metal fascia transitions to a warm wood ceiling whose lines draw one’s eye back out to the linear ribbed fascia and out to the exterior environment. The refined and sophisticated palette of earth-derived materials continues in the interior with concrete floors, rammed earth accents walls, and ground face block surfaces extending into select rooms.

A lush garden backyard approaches the interior and its proximity is heightened by a nearly frameless glass wall which dissolves any sense of boundary. Beyond, glimpses to the golf course appear through the diverse plantings which ground the mountains beyond. A long narrow pool reflects the sunny sky while simultaneously cascading down the textural walls to compose a soothing harmony. Lounging on the terrace adjacent to the pool, the themes of contrasting elements— the solidity of the building materials against the delicate foliage, the distinction of interior to exterior, and play of light and shadow—create a perfect balance and oasis.

  • Location: Paradise Valley, Arizona
  • Square Feet: 7,200
  • Services Provided: Architecture
  • Landscape Design: GBTwo Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Design: Holly Wright Studios
  • Lighting Design: Creative Designs in Lighting