Our Sedona Buttes residence is a modest home, nestled comfortably amidst the red rock mountains in Sedona, Arizona. This clever little home is modern in the plan but has a rustic vocabulary that harmonizes with its wooded surroundings. Celebrating the rich Sedona landscape this home stands tall amongst the trees, allowing for the home to capture views to the surrounding Red Rock mountains while minimizing the home’s overall impact on the site. 

On the exterior, dueling roof lines open to the sky, filling the interior space with daylight. This light washes over the rich block walls and warm wooden beams, creating a harmonic relationship between the home and Sedonas clear atmosphere. On the inside a modest great room is free of partitions opening up to a magnificent view, allowing the feeling of nature converging indoors. 

The richness of design and beautiful Sedona landscape provide this modest home with a unique beauty that will allow for it to be celebrated for years to come. 



  • Location: Sedona, Arizona
  • Square Feet: 2,800
  • Services Provided: Architecture, Interior Architecture