The Desert Sky Residence stands as a masterful tribute to both the environment and the surrounding views, representing a strong blend of innovation and regional appropriateness. Rooted firmly in the desert earth, the home’s cast-in-place concrete and natural stone walls rise from its hillside perch to form a plinth for the main level which becomes lighter in materiality.

As one enters this soaring structure, layers of concrete, glass, and metal weave between one another creating an intriguing interplay of materials, allowing both interior and exterior spaces to flow seamlessly between one another. Large sliding glass openings harness the power of the elements, welcoming fresh air and daylight into the living spaces, while also offering incredible views of the surrounding valley and the everchanging dramatic natural display of sky against mountain unique to its local.

The arching floor plan is carefully crafted to harmonize with the unique topography of the site, with roof forms and terraces thoughtfully placed to protect both interior and exterior spaces from the blazing desert sun. A stunning raised Lautner edged pool provides passive cooling while mirroring the reflecting the beauty of the surrounding valley. Acrylic portholes in the pool bottom allow sunlight to penetrate to the lower level and dance across the desert floor. With natural materials, dramatic form and panoramic views in every direction, this home seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings, while also making an unmistakable statement about the joy of living in the Arizona desert.



  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Square Feet: 7,400
  • Services Provided: Architecture
  • Landscape Design: GBTwo Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Design: Holly Wright Studios
  • Lighting Design: Acoustic Designs Group