A massive wash bisecting the property of the Desert Bridge residence provides unique inspiration for the organization of the plan. The home is arranged in a long linear form which is split into three distinct zones: the primary wing, the entertainment core, and the guest wing. The core of the home is the bridge of the residence; not only does it float twenty feet above the landscape, but it also defines a central great room, pool, and view terrace. The cast-in-place concrete pool defies gravity as it floats above the desert floor to minimize the impact the house has on the site and to not interrupt the natural flow of the wash. The roof form is dramatically sloped to match the steep topography of Camelback Mountain. This feature allows for the best of both worlds: the home not only has dramatic panoramic views towards Downtown Phoenix, Papago Park, and South Mountain in the distance, but also has incredible views up to the peak of the infamous mountain.
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Square Feet: 7,000
  • Services Provided: Architecture