Kendle Design Collaborative Reviews

Brent Kendle is an outstanding architect. He has great ideas and executes well. Brent displays no ego and worked closely with the homeowners, builder and designer. He took a strong interest in our unique project and we became friends.
Pete and Lorelei Redding
Scottsdale, Arizona
After several interviews with prominent Architects, Brent Kendle's home designs clearly were the best fit for our home renovation. As a result of Brent’s ability to understand our life style including work environment, love of art, travel and family entertaining his home design was almost perfect from the first renderings. Our home was designed to complement our property, mountain views and is an extraordinary work of art. We can't wait until it's finished. It was important for us to choose an architect that could expand on our vision that we had for our home and he will do just that. It's done right the first time and he will ensure that the job is done right to the end.
Pat Syntax and Bill Hinski
Paradise Valley, Arizona
I have worked with several architects over the years. Sometimes it seems like architects are more interested about making a "statement" than in listening to the clients. Brent Kendle is a true professional who obviously loves what he does and is very creative in maximizing design opportunities always with an eye on costs, which is very comforting to a cost-conscious client like me. I would recommend Brent to anyone.
Phil DeAngelis
Paradise Valley, Arizona
Brent was a pleasure to work with. After a few meetings, he had a great feel for our tastes and presented us with several remodel designs that were beyond our expectations. Every step of the way, he listened to our ideas and presented us with his great ideas. We are very pleased with the final results and were able to enjoy the process along the way.
Robin and Jeff Manelis
Phoenix, Arizona
Brent Kendle is an outstanding and rare professional who is an extremely talented and extraordinary individual to who I have had the genuine pleasure and privilege to design our residence in North Scottsdale. I have retained numerous highly regarded architects over three decades as an attorney, builder and land developer and very few come remotely close to the aptitude and competence that best surmises this first-in-class gentleman. His artfulness, creativity and otherwise brilliance is second to absolutely no one that I have ever interviewed or retained. His work ethos stupendously transcends all others that garner a fraction of the awards and accolades too numerous to note in this brief summary of a man that sets the gold standard in modern contemporary architecture that many attempt to champion but few instinctively master. Brent Kendle is in a league of his own and yet shows no sign of arrogance or pretentiousness as is a common thread amongst celebrated professionals. His passion for perfection in design and fastidious attention to minutia in detail is only surpassed by his steadfast work ethic and patient attentiveness in cordially embracing the all too frequent change in scope that only a true professional welcomes. Brent Kendle is a phenomenon who we fortuitously only learned of from viewing design ideas on Houzz!!
Fiorenzo Bresolin
Scottsdale, Arizona / West Palm Beach, Florida
I am a builder with 20+ years in the industry (15+ years in Phoenix). I have worked with the folks at Kendle Design on multiple projects. These projects include new homes and also remodels ranging from bathroom remodels to extensive, whole-house renovations. Here's what I can tell you - The principle of the company, Brent Kendle, is hands-on with every one of his projects. He is backed up with very competent associates who are quick to respond to any issues which may come up during construction. Total team players. Their drawings are among the best I have seen. As for their architecture - look around on Houzz or Google them. Original, timeless, and 100% custom. What more could a builder wish for? đŸ™‚ I highly recommend Kendle Design Collaborative.
Jeff Lupien
President, True North Builders, Inc.
I had the pleasure of working with Brent when my wife and I were looking to build our family home. Our property was challenging because there was a large wash that runs directly through the middle of the property. After meeting with several other architects, we were struggling to get to a great vision for the project incorporating the lot’s unique topography. We were frustrated. All that changed when we witnessed Brent’s brilliance. Immediately after our initial consultation with Brent, he toured the property and worked through the evening and early the next morning showed us his initial concepts. I was in awe. Brent took the challenge of the topography and turned it into a strength. In fact, the wash became a focal point and was visually incorporated into the design. We immediately recognized Brent was the perfect architect for us. We continued to be extremely impressed with Brent’s design skills, attention to detail, transparency, and communication abilities. Brent was also very sensitive and respectful to our budget, which was very meaningful to our family. After our home was completed, our family was beyond impressed with how it turned out. We love living in his creation. Our home has been featured in Phoenix Home & Garden and other publications. The thrust of the publications has focused on how a modern home can be completely livable and comfortable when designed well. We credit that truth to Brent and his wonderful team. Most importantly, we became very close friends with Brent through the process. In my professional life, I interact daily with architects and design professionals--- and I have seen the entire range from the worst to the best. Brent Kendle is unquestionably in the league of the best of the best.
Keith R. Galbut
Paradise Valley, Arizona
Brent Kendle is a remarkable architect. We went to Brent with a fragmented vision of our dream home and Brent made it a reality. We appreciated his uncanny ability to listen and ask the appropriate questions in order to fully comprehend and create a magnificent home that fit our needs and desires. The house is extremely livable and his attention to detail was superb. His sense of design is unsurpassed as evident in the rave reviews we have had of our home. He builds "into" a site rather than "on" a site. We would unequivocally recommend Brent Kendle.
Jeff and Susan Scoon
Paradise Valley, Arizona
The moment we met Brent Kendle of Kendle Design Collaborative, we knew we had found the architect that could achieve and exceed our design and build expectations. Brent’s passion and commitment to our project coupled with his vast knowledge, experience and creative talents, make him an outstanding architect. Brent has listened to our every need, working as a team as the Collaborative name holds true; he has helped us build the ultimate contemporary custom home.
Debbie and James Patrick
Scottsdale, Arizona
We have admired Brent’s design of contemporary homes over the years and knew he would be our first call when we decided to build another home. In addition to tremendous talent, Brent is a good listener and quickly responded to our questions. Brent created our beautiful new home with a floor plan that will fit the changes life presents thru the years. The details of his work have been admired by many.
Linda and Glen Bair
Phoenix Arizona
As a builder it is rare to find an architect who has an intimate knowledge of the construction process and the ability to seamlessly orchestrate the team dynamic between the owner, architect, builder. Brent Kendle is such a conductor. He is sensitive to how his design and detailing actually come together in the field and not merely how it looks on paper.
Stephan Mackos
MACKOS Architecture & Construction, llc
After meeting with several architect firms in the valley, KENDLE DESIGN COLLABORATIVE quickly became the obvious choice for our 12,000 sq ft soft-contemporary house remodel project. The design process, that has the potential to become a stressful experience, was in our case, an enjoyable, efficient and succinct process. The result is an astonishing re-design that expanded and embellished our initial vision of the project and leveraged the full potential of the home and its surroundings
Fabrice + Misty Dechoux
Paradise Valley, Arizona
My husband and I are pleased to recommend Brent Kendle as an architect without reservation. Brent has taken the time to study the land and has created a unique concept for our dream home that will remain timeless and blend into the natural surroundings. Brent has been so much fun to work with because he creatively enhances ideas and brings concepts to life. I enjoy the excitement he brings to the project and can't wait to see our masterpiece come alive.
Shana Gunderson and Vi Hua
Peoria, Arizona
Brent is the consummate professional. He is amazingly visionary and creative, and at the same time a good listener and collaborator. I love working with such a talented team player! His amazing portfolio speaks for itself.
Janet Brooks
Janet Brooks Design
We had a great experience working with Brent Kendle. Not only do we have a home that we love and appreciate, but we enjoyed every part of the process. Brent is a consummate professional who is reliable, creative, efficient, and an excellent communicator. He represents a unique blend of sharing his broad knowledge and expertise, while also taking the time to understand our lifestyle and ensuring that our vision was respected. Brent exceeded our expectations.
Jeff and Laura Beraznik
Phoenix, Arizona