Who We Are

Kendle Design Collaborative designs homes that speak to your heart and soul, homes that are inspired by the natural beauty of the land that you call home, be it forest, waterfront, prairie or desert. We strive to design homes where a unique visual delight may be found around every corner and in every detail, often changing with the passing of the sun or the changing of the seasons. This we believe is living architecture, an ever changing natural tapestry that celebrates the many joys of living.

The Importance of Joy

As an architect, I feel my primary responsibility is to clearly understand my client’s priorities, their values, and aspirations, but most importantly to understand what brings them joy. Then and only then can I carefully craft the design and details of their new home such that it enhances their daily living, bringing them joy in their quietest moments as well as times of celebration.

Brent Kendle, AIA, LEED AP, Principal

Home Owner – Bird’s Nest

“The moment we met Brent Kendle of Kendle Design Collaborative, we knew we had found the architect that could achieve and exceed our design and build expectations. Brent’s passion and commitment to our project coupled with his vast knowledge, experience and creative talents, make him an outstanding architect. Brent has listened to our every need, working as a team as the Collaborative name holds true; he has helped us build the ultimate contemporary custom home.”

Home Owner – Rammed Earth Modern

“I have worked with several architects over the years.  Sometimes it seems like architects are more interested in making a “statement” than in listening to the clients.  Brent Kendle is a true professional who obviously loves what he does and is very creative in maximizing design opportunities always with an eye on costs, which is very comforting to a cost-conscious client like me.  I would recommend Brent to anyone.”