The Faces of Modern Luxury Architecture

Kendle Design Collaborative
Richard Van Horne,   Brent Kendle (AIA, LEED AP),   Cathleen Kebert,   Jeffrey Martin

Brent Kendle spent his childhood seeking out Frank Lloyd Wright’s structures in the Midwest and Arizona, believing that homes designed with a connection to nature benefit physical well-being, enhance daily living, and raise the human spirit. Kendle’s passion leans towards modern design, not as a style, but as a philosophy allowing the freedom to create homes without stylistic limitations – homes that speak to the uniqueness of their place, time and the families that call them home. Blending old-school techniques with state-of-the-art technology, Kendle collaborates with the smartest, most talented team he has ever assembled, crafting highly detailed, award-winning homes of modern elegance.

Firm Profile

Kendle Design Collaborative, located in Scottsdale Arizona, is an internationally acclaimed architectural firm specializing in regionally inspired modern design. Our designs are not defined by imported historic styles or the latest fashion trends, but instead are born exclusively of our clients’ unique program needs, their values and the spirit of the land they have chosen to call home. We strive to create designs that are an authentic reflection of their unique place and time.

Founded by Brent Kendle, AIA, LEED AP in 2002, Kendle Design Collaborative’s designs have garnered numerous awards, and have graced the covers of several magazines including Luxe, Western Art and Architecture, and Phoenix Home and Garden. KDC’s projects have been featured in international design exhibits, books, and design journals from more than 20 countries.

What Sets Kendle Design Collaborative Apart?

In a word AUTHENTICITY. What we practice is Regional Modernism. It’s not a “style”. It’s what we are passionate about, it’s what we believe in, it’s what is in our soul. When you look at our website, you won’t find Mediterranean, you won’t find Tuscan or French Country. It’s not who we are. The homes we design are in harmony with nature; they celebrate their context and reflect the unique values of the individuals we design for. WHY? Because when you design in this manner, you transcend style, you give the home roots, a reason for being what and where it is – you create timeless living architecture.