Situated along the historic Cattletrack Arts and Preservation district, the “Cattletrack Compound” connects to Scottsdale’s authentic cultural heritage dedicated to artists and craftsmen. The area was originally homesteaded by George Ellis in the 1930’s, and the Ellis property continues to be a serene refuge rich with hand-built homes and studios, three of which are on the national historic registry.

Crafted with diverse programs, the Compound features several buildings, each bearing a consistent contemporary agrarian-ranch inspired feel and rustic palette that blends effortlessly with the surroundings. The architecture showcases a high level of craftsmanship simultaneously demonstrating structural integrity through exposed structural elements of steel, concrete, and wood juxtaposed against refined and meticulous detailing.

The landscape elements and winding driveway guide visitors through a carefully choreographed plan, evocative of the surrounding art studio’s organic development. As one enters the property, the multi-use car-barn is first discovered and incorporates an open space for displaying cars or hosting family or fundraising events. As one traverses further into the Compound, the centerpiece between the garden and driveway emerges: a massive desert masonry fireplace, honoring George Ellis – who taught Frank Lloyd Wright the technique of desert masonry construction, is anchored by a trellised outdoor space creating an enchanting spot to dine amongst the cultivated garden or beneath the stars. The main house, guest bungalows, and outdoor pool pavilion, situated at the back of the property, draw the eye with their pavilion-like structures that define and accentuate the sparkling pool surrounded by native vegetation.

An integral characteristic of the Cattletrack Compound lies in paying homage to its history and its neighboring art galleries and studios by sensitively using scale and materials, not overpowering the neighborhood’s character, and encouraging artistic installations. Blending harmoniously with the neighborhood’s character, this compound establishes another sanctuary hidden amongst the trees.

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Square Feet: 8,400
  • Services Provided: Architecture, Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Design: GBTwo Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Design: Ownby Design
  • Lighting Design: Creative Designs in Lighting