Nestled in the heart of the Montana wilderness, the Hamilton Creek House stands as a prime example of living in harmony with nature as this home was designed to celebrate the four seasons and embrace indoor-outdoor living.

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape, the home’s sculpted, rugged modern design seamlessly blends into its environment. Its unique roof design, resembling an eagle’s wings in flight, elevates the house to provide unobstructed views of the breathtaking mountains and prairies that surround. The use of rustic materials, including Corten steel, board-formed cast in place concrete, glass, and steel, boldly face the forces of nature while simultaneously fostering an intimate connection with the crystal-clear creek located just steps away.

The Hamilton Creek House is tailored to accommodate a family of four and to create unforgettable moments within nature, providing the family with ample opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and take refreshing dips in the serpentine creek.

Furthermore, the home features a multipurpose barn that houses solar equipment, motor toys, a tack room, and animals. This barn, along with the main house, offers a perfect blend of luxurious living and sustainable design, providing a balance between modern comfort and environmental responsibility.

In summary, the Hamilton Creek House is a testament to the powerful connection between nature and modern architecture, showcasing the natural beauty of Montana in a sustainable and innovative way. This home harmoniously blends rugged materiality, innovative design, and sustainable living, creating a unique and intimate connection with the surrounding environment.

  • Location: Hamilton, Montana
  • Square Feet: 7,000
  • Services Provided: Architecture