Dancing Light Library and Reading Pavilion is a freestanding companion piece to the award-winning Dancing Light residence in Paradise Valley, Arizona. This unique structure was specifically programmed to house the owner’s extensive collection of 6,000 books, not for display but for daily use in scholarly pursuits. The organically composed forms of cast-in-place concrete, ribbed metal surfaces, glass, and steel provide this structure its own purpose-derived character while complementing the original Dancing Light residence.

As one follows the winding nature trail from the main house, they are transported to a secluded oasis nestled into the desert floor. The boulder walkway leads down to the recessed terrace, where intimate views of nature and space for contemplation can be found. The structure is built into the desert, rather than on it, creating a seamless connection with its natural environment.

Inside, the primary space contains custom-designed bookcases housing the owner’s assemblage of written knowledge. A perforated cast-in-place concrete shell hovers above the desert floor, creating a contemplative space for reading and scholarship where chards of sun dance around the room throughout the day. The structural glass countertop allows soft light to filter into the space, providing an intimate relationship with desert life while enhancing the reading experience. A full bathroom and concealed kitchenette offer the flexibility to transform the space into a guest casita when needed.

The pavilion-like structure invites you to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings while exploring the written word. This stunning space is a testament to the harmonious relationship between architecture and nature, offering a tranquil respite for the owners and guests alike. The pavilion’s serene and contemplative atmosphere creates an ethereal experience that transports you to a world of scholarship and introspection, providing a peaceful sanctuary amidst the natural beauty of the desert.

  • Location: Paradise Valley, Arizona
  • Square Feet: 1,492
  • Services Provided: Architecture