Located in the prestigious neighborhood of Forest Highlands in Flagstaff, this contemporary Forest House is an understated yet visually interesting home that sits quietly among and in harmony with the trees. As you enter, the roof and entry has a lower scale which expands into a monumental great room with panoramic views out to the treetops. The wrap-around deck and outdoor dining areas enable the occupants to feel as if they were camping in the treetops. Furthermore, the primary suite cantilevers into the trees as if it were perched amongst the branches.

To further this relationship with the forest, the home is placed down the hill amongst the trees where it takes advantage of the steep drop-off of the rock outcropping at the center of the lot allowing the lower level to cascade down a full level. This stacked cascading configuration has the added advantage of minimizing the homes footprint leaving more room for the surrounding trees to thrive.

  • Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Square Feet: 4,035
  • Services Provided: Architecture
  • Interior Design: Chimera Interior Design